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About us

Amedeo Air Conditioning Services is a certified and licensed heating and cooling solutions provider serving Montebello area in California. At Amedeo Air Conditioning Services, we provide the best repair and installation of HVAC solutions for residential and commercial customers. At Amedeo Air Conditioning Services, we believe in providing our customers services that will ensure full satisfaction. In order to do so, we have hired knowledgeable technicians who remain committed to delivering the best services. Therefore, when you come to us, factory authorized personnel will service your HVAC equipment. We use genuine replacement parts in case your HVAC requires replacement of any component. In addition, we ensure that our services are affordable and of high quality.

Focused on providing peace of mind and caring comfort, we make sure that our technicians are taken through thorough training. This enables us to service different brands of HVAC equipment. We understand how different models and makes of HVAC works. No matter the brand that you are using, Amedeo Air Conditioning Services guarantees you the best services. We provide a fast and efficient response to customer’s request. Therefore, no matter the time that we are required by our customers, we are always ready to respond.  To schedule a service or request for a free estimate, call us on (805) 944-1652. Here are the services that we provide.

About US

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Our Services

Air Duct

Air Duct Installation and Cleaning Services

Amedeo Air Conditioning Services provides full-service air conditioning services. We are focused on ensuring that our customers breathe clean fresh air. Therefore, when you come to us we inspect and clean your Air duct to ensure it is providing an optimal service. Ai4r duct cleaning is important to ensure harmful particles removal. Note that the air duct is responsible for carrying the fresh air into your home. In that regard, if the air duct carries any allergens, they will definitely find a way into your home. This affects your comfort and results in breathing contaminated air. Breathing contaminated air will, in turn, result in respiratory infections, caused by the allergens. To ensure your family is safe from these respiratory infections, talk to Amedeo Air Conditioning Services for the air duct cleaning service. We are committed to making sure that our customers and their families breathe fresh clean air.

Furnace repair

Furnace Repair Services

For furnace and heating system repair in Montebello CA, talk to Amedeo Air Conditioning Services. We are committed to ensuring fantastic service delivery at a reasonable fee. From furnace upgrading to the installation of a new furnace, Amedeo Air Conditioning Services remains the best service provider. The furnace is an important investment especially when it is winter. You need to make sure that the furnace is fully functional in order to avoid spending winter nights in cold. In addition, if the furnace is faulty, you end up incurring higher utility bills because of the additional energy used to ensure that the furnace is in good condition. Amedeo Air Conditioning Services is a licensed and certified furnace installation and repair company. Talk to us today for the best services.

Air condition

Air Conditioner Repair and Installation

For fast and efficient AC repair, come to Amedeo Air Conditioning Services. A faulty AC affects your comfort and results in raised energy costs. To ensure you and your family remain comfortable even when the summer temperatures and the humidity seem uncontrollable, talk to Amedeo Air Conditioning Services for AC repair or installation. We advise our customers when it comes to choosing the best AC for use at home. Therefore, when you need to have the AC installed, talk to Amedeo Air Conditioning Services and we will help you choose the best AC that suits your requirements.

Heating Repair

Heating Repair

The room heater helps to keep the entire room warm and habitable. The residents of Montebello do know that it is almost impossible staying indoors during the winter nights. To beat the freezing temperatures, a heater is an important investment. However, just like other appliances, the room heater can also breakdown. At Amedeo Air Conditioning Services, we provide professional heater repair services. Therefore, if your room heater is making a strange noise when put ON, or does not provide proper heating, we recommend that you have it checked by our professionals.